Friday, January 14, 2011

Small Accomplishments for a not so bright girl

Spoiler Alert!!!

If your name is Doodlebug AKA Shannon and you do not want to ruin your surprise please do not read this post!!!!

Everyone else, please proceed to our regularly scheduled post.

When your only follower asks, so sweetly, to help her out with her Birthday quilt how could you possibly refuse. After all, she is my only blog friend and I would like to keep her!

Shannon designed a block for her Birthday quilt and asked that her blog readers sew that block using her favourite color choices and mail it off to her before her Birthday.

Right after reading her post I decided, I can do that, have it finished and in the mail tomorrow......well, that was a nice thought. The piecing was easy, and her instructions were excellent as usual. However, the stumbling point for me was the fabric choices. Shannon is a bright girl and that shows in her color choices!!!
Apparently, I am a not so bright kind of girl, at least as far as color choice go.
I had to do a lot of searching for fabrics in my stash that would work. I found a small selection of fabrics that I thought would work, then to decide which brights played well together. The first block was easy for me to choose fabrics for. The second one made of batiks (which Shannon loves) pushed me right out of my comfort zone. However, if I am a betting person, I think she will like the batik more. I definitely prefer the purple block. Here it is, the color is off, the purple is not as blue as it appears in the image:

Here is the bright orange and green batik block that pushed me out of my comfort zone:

This image is a little better representation of the colors in the blocks:

So the question I ask of you is:
Are you a bright quilter like Shannon, or are you a not so bright quilter like me?


  1. Probably not such a bright fabric lover as Shannon. I love the muted colours of Reproduction fabrics because I love old quilts. I have made a couple of bright baby quilts, but that is about the extent of it!

  2. my mail man brought me some blocky goodness that looks like your pictures!!

    thank you!!