Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The best things come in small packages

If I was a betting person, I would definitely bet against myself.
For as long as I can remember if there was a prize to be won, scratch ticket to win, number to be drawn; it definitely would not me mine.
There was a standing joke in my house growing up. If you wanted to win money on a scratch ticket give it to my brother. One Christmas he won three walkmen and well over $100.00. Of course, I didn't win a dime.
Well, 2011 might just be my year! It is definitely starting off well.
I joined a machine quilters group (INMQ) in Spokane, WA in the fall. This past weekend I drove down to Spokane to attend my second meeting. I have a friend who also belongs to INMQ so we have gone down together for the past two meetings. It is a great group and I am so happy I joined as there is nothing comparable in the area I live in. To me it is well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive (especially when I enjoy the company so much). The reason I am telling you about this is that at the last meeting I won the big doorprize. I am so used to my bad luck that I didn't even check my ticket when they called the number. They actually had to call it twice and then my friend said "that is the person who came in right after me". Hello Lisa, that is you. Good thing I decided to check my ticket; because my prize is a subscription to a fabulous quilting magazine called Machine Quilting Unlimited. If you have not seen it you really should check it out.
Well fast forward to today and I am the excited winner of a beautiful charm pack from Elyte over at
Can you belive how generous she is giving away a gifft for her first anniversary! The ideas are already percolating. I will be sure to share with you what becomes of this charm pack.
Thanks again Elyte


  1. Welcome to blogging. Congratulations on your wins they say things come in three's.
    (have popped over from Elyte's blog)

  2. Congratulations on your wins Lisa...I hope it carries through all year..
    Welcome to blogging, I'll try and pop over as often as I can..
    Lovely to have you join us

  3. You are very welcome Lisa. I look forward to seeing this little charm pack materialise into a beautiful project.