Sunday, January 9, 2011


It is a brand new year.

A new year, in many ways is like a new beginning, full of promise, full of hope, the possibility of change and re-invention. However, that being said, a new year is only as promising as you choose to make it. After all, I am the only person capable of changing my life and ultimately myself.

I have been very frusterated with my lack of production this past year, and in an effort to increase my productivity, I am creating this blog Misadventures in Quilting.

Now my lack of productivity can be the result of several causes.
My first stumbling block is my constant quest for perfection. Some days I seem to rip out more stitches than I keep.
The second cause of my lack of productivity, in at least my opinion, is my complete lack of accountability. There is no one I have to answer to, no boss, no deadlines, therefore, no pressure to complete anything. You see when I worked full time I had a supervisor to which I had to be very accountable, and I always got things done.
The last obvious cause of my lack of production can be directly related to my health. You see, if you do not have good health, nothing else seems to matter.

Now, my plan to increase my productivity is to first of all stop my ridiculous quest for perfection. After all, I am far from perfect so why on earth should I expect my quilting to be perfect.
Secondly, I am relying on my blog to make me accountable to someone in some form or another.
Lastly, I plan to do everything in my power to be healthy in 2011 and beyond.

So, dear blog, thank you for helping me become a better me.


  1. hey- i'm your first follower!

    welcome to, have a sip of KoolAid :)

  2. Hey Lisa, welcome to blog-land, I have just found out about your blog from Elyte (Tea Fabric and other things...). I am newbie at this as well and I have received so much encouragement and support, so am just passing it around and on to you now.....
    I know you will love this as I am beginning to find out myself. I will become a follower too. Please come and visit me too, sharing ideas and inspiration is what it's all about.
    Best of Luck,