Thursday, February 27, 2014

New beginnings

I have been absent from my blog for far too long.
I have thought about blogging so many times and I just couldn't get past my last post. I would open my blog have good intentions but you know what they say about good intentions....
Well I finally have something worthwhile to write about. It is not quilting related which is quite unusual for me. It is the birth of my grandson. Jaxton.
Now I can honestly say that this little man has stolen my heart. He came into the world two weeks early and after a grand entrance that left me with several new grey hairs on my head he decided that maybe this strange new place was not all that bad.
He has been an amazingly quiet and very easy baby I keep telling my daughter that she better appreciate how lucky she is as most baby's are not quite so easy to care for.
My 1 1/2 year old St. Bernard has been acting as if he is a proud poppa, we are not quite sure how he figures the baby is his but since Jaxton came home the St. Bernard will not leave his side. He is very gentle with him. The other two dogs could care less, but our St. Bernard has claimed this baby as his own.
There have been quite a few changes since I last blogged, some great and some rather heartbreaking.
I will leave those for another day.
For now I leave on a good note. Jaxton made his grand entrance on Saturday February 15 at 6:13 PM.